Kaspersky launches guide for Bitcoin beginner traders

The company is one of the leading companies in the cyber security sector in the world.

The famous cyber security company Kaspersky has launched a guide for Bitcoin traders, especially for beginners. The tips cover basic concepts, including security to avoid scams.

With the rise of Bitcoin in recent years, many technology enthusiasts have made great fortunes. Most of those fortunate, however, have studied the fundamentals of technology.

Even so, many who enter the market of cryptomorphs seek quick and easy gains. The impression is that technology offers possibilities such as lotteries and casinos, mistaken understanding.

There are still those who enter looking to venture into the Bitcoin day trade. In either case, the basics must be understood to escape blows, common in the market today.

Kaspersky launches guide for Bitcoin beginners and warns of risks
Bitcoin’s technology has attracted numerous new investors to the market, day after day. Solutions like DeFi then have been making the headlines in recent months. There is here a clear promise of revolution in the global financial system.

Speaking of which, it would be easy to offer you a new product and promise exorbitant returns, wouldn’t it? To prevent such cases from becoming commonplace, specialized news sites seek to teach beginners the stone path.

However, Karpersky Brazil has also launched a guide for Bitcoin beginner traders. The famous technology and cyber security company tried to explain basic concepts.

The material addressed the risks of the initial choice to invest in cryptomoeda. Thus, it indicated that beginner traders should pay attention to Bitcoin and Ethereum, for the liquidity of these markets.

It also made it clear that the volatility of both currencies is lower than the so-called altcoins. These other alternative currencies fluctuate a lot, and can even make more gains, however, they are riskier.

Escape the financial pyramids with your promises of exorbitant profits
Did they promise you 1% a month? Don’t be suspicious. Usually, financial pyramid schemes promise certain above-market gains to capture investors, but they usually last a few months.

Kaspersky Brazil then recalled in its guide the fraud called Plus Token. With a sophisticated operation in China, the scheme captured thousands of cryptomyces from its investors. To this day, the leaders continue with the currencies of the investors, which are bitterly loss-making.

In Brazil, several similar schemes have also been reported, mainly involving Bitcoin. As it is the world’s most famous digital currency, scammers take advantage of investors’ inexperience to attack.

Do not trust brokers and people: your private key, your currencies
A common motto in the world cryptomorph community is not to trust others. Thus, the possession of the private key of a Bitcoin is the only guarantee a trader has that he really possesses the coins.

In fact, for this it is important not to trust brokers, leaving the custody of the currencies with these companies. Also, when faced with promises to send coins to receive double, never send any amount.

Kaspersky Brazil recalled the recent Twitter hack, which used personality accounts to pull off this scam. Finally, the company recalled that this market circulates a lot of money and has attracted more and more hackers.

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