Altcoin: 80% of prices in negative terrain

Among the altcoin bigs the only two positive signs remain those of Binance Coin (BNB) +0.3% and Tron (TRX) +7%.

Also today the best of the day is Kusama (KSM) with an increase of over 20%. Followed by Loopring (LRC) and UMA up 15%.

On the opposite side, the black jersey is for Ampleforth (AMPL) with -25%. Followed by Aragon (ANT) and OMG Network (OMG), both down 16%.

The recent launch of the Polkadot token (DOT) on various centralized trading platforms, in a few days, saw its value double from $3.7 to $6.8 billion and reach a total capitalization of more than $5 billion, ranking fifth in the ranking and losing Chainlink (LINK) by about $100 million.

The Swiss project developed by the Web3 Foundation was launched at the end of 2017 and raised over $140 million. So far the project has remained mostly known to industry experts for the inability to transfer the tokens distributed to ICO participants. With the opening of quotations on many exchanges, the DOT token will give more visibility to Polkadot’s promising network.

After hitting $390 billion on Monday, the highest level since May 2018, total capitalization drops to $375 billion.

DeFi in slight decrease

Volumes remain high with over $190 billion total traded in the last 24 hours, much of the credit goes to the Ethereum quotes returned to review area $500, the highest in the last two years.

In fact, despite the number of pieces traded (about 1.6 million), below the highs of late July and early August (more than 2 million pieces) the equivalent value in dollars of $3.3 billion is the record of the last year, the fourth ever.

A short pause for the dizzying rise of the fixed capital in DeFi that yesterday with more than $9.5 billion (Total Value Locked) updated the historical maximum of capital transferred to decentralized projects.

For the first time a DEX, that of Uniswap, rises to first place with over $1.7 billion in collateral locked in.

New total collateralized Ethereum records with over $6.7 million.

Also the tokenized Bitcoin Future rise to 72.8 thousand pieces. For the first time the Lightning Network, a secondary network based on Bitcoin’s original Blockchain, collects 1,055 units for a countervalue of over $12.5 million.

Bitcoin (BTC): prices

After yesterday’s sinking, prices stop to test again the support of $ 11200, a level tested several times in the last month. It is necessary to confirm the tightness of this technical base, otherwise it opens a vacuum up to 10500 area and the possibility of waking up the bearish speculation in the medium term.

This is also known by professional operators who place the protections between 10700 and 11250 in case of a fall. To the rise, instead, it is necessary to observe the recent highs in area 12100 dollars to make to return the hopes to go beyond 12500 dollars.