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Sennheiser Frequency Finder

Welcome to the Frequency Finder. With this intuitive tool you can check which frequencies are available to use on your location and what settings you can use on your Sennheiser equipment. To start, please make a selection of your location by clicking the map above or filling in your location information.

For more information about the latest developments in your region, please visit our infoportal for The Netherlands or Belgium.

Frequency Finder iPhone & iPad app

The Frequency Finder is now also available in the App Store! Take the Frequency Finder with you wherever you go and never worry about using the correct settings on your Sennheiser equipment again. You can save your favorite equipment in cache and use automatic GPS positioning wherever you are to instantly see which frequencies and settings are available. If you have no data connection available, you can work in offline mode and still query the frequency database. The app also automatically checks for updates in the online frequency database. So you never have to worry about staying up to date.

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Currently supported locations: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg.
More countries will be added in the future.
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Equipment Selection

Please make a selection of the equipment settings you want to view at the two drop-down selectors on the right.
You can choose a product Series and Type.
Move the cursor over the table cells to display channel frequencies

ew 100 G3 series = up to 12 presets
ew 300 G3 series = up to 24 presets
ew 500 G3 series = up to 32 presets